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Merger and Acquisitions Strategies
Working with the financial industry for more than 35 years, GRFI/The Frerichs Group has assisted hundreds of institutions in dealing with deregulation, changing markets, competition, and the challenges of expansion and growth. The value of the firm’s counsel to financial institutions is not only how to achieve the delicate balance of precise merger and acquisition strategies, but when and where.

GRFI/The Frerichs Group offers the following services for Acquisitions and Merger Strategies:

     • Identifiy acquisition candidates and assess contribution potential
     • Analyze and prioritize acquired distribution system
     • Cost justify for reconfiguration, relocation, consolidation or closure
     • Optimize Return on Investment

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Merger Evaluation and Existing Unit-Target Market Analysis

The Need:
Many small credit unions are finding it difficult to expand their operations and facilities at a pace that will allow them to improve or at minimum, maintain a competitive market share.

The Solution:
GRFI/The Frerichs Group identifies larger credit unions within specified geographic areas that are receptive to assisting and merging with smaller organizations. Larger organizations realize that mergers today, with smaller but healthy credit unions are much more beneficial to both parties as opposed to waiting until financial conditions demand remedial actions.

     Phase I - Identifying Potential Candidates
GRFI will use a variety of methods to identify potential merger partners including use of industry contacts, targeted direct mail, telephone solicitation and trade publication advertising, etc.

GRFI will also assist our clients in negotiating satisfactory merger agreements with targeted credit unions.

It is anticipated that the client and the consultant will approach the project in a collaborative manner, including frequent email, telephone and/or face-to-face conversations.

     Phase II - (Optional) Determining Level of Opportunity
and Strategic Benefits
Market/Revenue Potential – GRFI will:
• Identity levels of retail potential within specific primary markets and within specified trade area segments of the acquired credit union partner.
• Evaluate growth opportunities through the forecasting of deposit and loan and related product sales potential within new specified target trade areas.
• Provide the client credit union with an understanding of the demographic and psychographic composition of their new target trade areas.
• Identify the optimum facility size and type, i.e., Independent branch, third party facility, investment center, loan production office, or totally automated facility that could effectively serve the specified existing and/or new (target)  trade areas.
• Economically cost justify future capital expenditures to develop any new recommended sites.
• Set all priorities in line with goals as they relate to the desired retail  distribution system.

Fee Charges

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