Strategic Distribution Planning
Market Screening
Site Evaluations
Regression Modeling
Allocation and Prioritization of Capital Investment
Merger Strategies & Acquisitions
Market Research
Brokerage/Property Acquisition
Architecture/Interior Design
Construction Management
Video Systems: A.I.D.A.Vision
Branding and Identity
Construction Management
Creating a proactive environment from start to finish

  Recent Projects
GRFI/The Frerichs Group provides construction and project management services for new retail facilities for financial institutions nationwide.

The firm provides a proactive approach to helping financial institutions prepare for its new retail delivery services. Critical steps, requiring execution by expert professionals, include market evaluations, site selection, architecture, interior design, branding and identity, signage, construction bidding and management, merchandising, and technology installations----all culminating in the grand finale "Grand Opening".

Specific profit projections, developed by GRFI/The Frerichs Group through its Regression Modeling® for each retail facility, guide decisions made for the design, architecture and visual elements. The success of a financial institution’s new branch location is directly related to the execution of the professional services package provided by GRFI/The Frerichs Group.

New Branch Design and Construction

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