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Strategic Distribution Planning

GRFI/The Frerichs Group structures retail distribution plans for financial institutions that seek to optimize existing market potential and new market development opportunities. Utilizing proven analytical methods with its unique Regression Modeling®, the firm achieves the following benefits for its clients:

1. Provides market assessment and distribution planning.
2. Analyzes “highest and best use”, and site feasibility.
3. Creates and develops positioning strategy.
4. Develops facility programming for implementation of automation and sales culture strategies.
5. Identifies new high potential markets for development.
6. Maximizes existing and new retail delivery potential.
7. Cost-justifies and prioritizes capital expenditures based on the greatest return on investment (ROI).
8. Increases retail deposits and market share.
9. Generates strategic plan “buy-in” from senior management, Board of Directors, and regulatory bodies.

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Strategic Distribution Map of Chicago showing retail markets identified and researched, with current data input, for use in market evaluation for branch sites.