Strategic Distribution Planning
Market Screening
Site Evaluations
Regression Modeling
Allocation and Prioritization of Capital Investment
Merger Strategies & Acquisitions
Market Research
Brokerage/Property Acquisition
Architecture/Interior Design
Construction Management
Video Systems: A.I.D.A.Vision
Branding and Identity
Architecture/Interior Design
Creating a proactive environment from start to finish

Recent Projects
GRFI/The Frerichs Group assists financial institutions in the design, development and construction of optimum environments for the sales, servicing and promotion of financial products and relationships.

The firm’s proven methodology optimizes the retail environment by utilizing proactive retail design concepts. See Projects A, B, C. The process includes:

Feasibility studies/concept development
Capital expenditure planning
Brand identity, signage, lighting and interior design
Furniture, fixtures and equipment procurement
Construction management/Implementation
Crime prevention through environmental design

In the initial planning stages of a site project, a highly effective floor plan will be developed. This plan will focus on customer traffic flow as well as on key service and product promotion areas, and will create a system through which new sales opportunity levels can be reached.

GRFI/The Frerichs Group works in conjunction with VRA Architects and St. Simon Company (construction management), to design and build high-profit retail sites for financial institutions.
VRA Architects

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