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Market Screening

GRFI's Market Screening allows organizations to prioritize markets and larger geographies prior to the involvement in site details. This Macro-to-Micro approach to retail branch distribution planning allows the financial institution to:

Identify and target only high quality/high value markets FIRST
Determine competitive market penetration levels
Quantify all market development opportunities
Determine a Strategic "Phased" Market Development Plan
Provide a solid business plan that is cost justified with an emphasis on return on investment for any considered opportunities

Any good real estate agent will say that the key to a good site is Location, Location, Location. Well, that's partly correct. The most common mistake we see financial institutions make while selecting sites is to value the quality of the site with little heed to the quality of the market. A good or great site can often bring the organization into a marginal market. For instance, a city may be planning for a certain amount of growth or have infrastructure improvement proposals in their own budgets which are highly publicized and that may or may not come to pass.

Sometimes the colleague/customer of the financial institution that is in the real estate business has a "Great Deal" or a "Steal" on a given property. These "Steals" rarely work to the actual benefit of the institution. Keep in mind that while the cost of the "Class A" property may be moderately expensive to very expensive, this cost will pale in comparison to the ongoing operating costs of the new facility. Better to be sure that the organization is serving the right market first, and that the market-site has the ability to pay off for the sizable capital investment made.

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