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Site Evaluations

As the nation’s industry leader in site evaluation for financial institutions, GRFI/The Frerichs Group utilizes proven analytical methods of Regression Modeling® to evaluate potential for existing and new retail sites.

Experienced in every major market in the country, the firm’s 35 year track record for successful retail profitability development is well-known and respected among its many financial institution clients.

From single branch expansion to multiple site (existing and new targets) GRFI/The Frerichs Group’s Regression Modeling® offers evaluations that include cost justification and prioritization of capital expenditure based on the greatest return on investment (ROI).

George R. Frerichs, principal of GRFI/The Frerichs Group, states: “Many financial institutions have found themselves in double jeopardy by using the size of the site to determine facility size and product delivery stratification. Judging the size of the facility by market potential rather than site configuration provides for the development of maximum dollars per square foot—the true measure of profitability for a retail/financial facility. Dollars per square foot plus corresponding capital utilization develops operating and capital utilization measurements, such as breakeven from operations, investment payback from operations and the length of time to recoup invested capital.”

Call GRFI/The Frerichs Group today to discuss how you can be sure you’re making the right decisions when evaluating retail sites for your institution.

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